Manual Quality Assurance Engineer

Below is our current vacancy – feel free to check out the specs. We aim to keep it super clear. There’s no sugarcoating, no hiring buzzwords, no bullshit. If the job cross-references with your skills and expectations, and you think it may be a good fit for you simply write us to

The main responsibility is to assure quality of our mobile products. Our quality assurance department is focused on preventing problems early in the development process by influencing the whole product lifecycle. Based on risk analysis, we use broad range of tools to verify quality and monitor product health after it’s released to users. Our approach is to put QA engineers equal to Software Developers. It’s rather a role in a product development team than a job in a dedicated quality control department. QA Engineer participate on all decisions made by product teams.


Basic job idea

  • Participation in all phases of Product Lifecycle (as needed). Testing complex functions with applications on iOS and Android. Review new requirements and design new test scenarios. Create, review and maintain a test strategy (or its part).
  • Bug reporting and verification, ensure quality of products for customer usability.

We need...

Hard skills

  • Good knowledge of Software Quality Assurance approaches
  • Experience with bug reporting (Atlassian Jira or similar).
  • At least 1 year of previous black box testing experience.
  • Ability to work with REST services.

The sum of the gross basic component of the wage in accordance with Act no. 5/2004 Coll. is 800 Euro (brutto). However, the amount we can actually offer you can be (and mostly is) significantly higher. Everything depends only on your skills and experience.



Soft skills

  • Sense for non-technical language.
  • Thoroughness
  • Be able to communicate in product development team.
  • Proactive and innovative approach, look for solutions by yourself.
  • Be able to work without documentation.
  • Active fluent English



Speaking of

Work in relaxed atmosphere on a stable
long-term project. Our people-oriented approach focuses on your personal well-being while actively supporting your educational needs.

We regularly organize internal meetups, so called „brownbags“, where our tech community learns from each other. The short presentations are about all kinds of interesting tech stuff: showcasing new tools, approaches, technologies and much more.

Collaborating across long distances, we focus on making it work for everyone, by emphasizing your freedom and trusting you to do your work as you find most comfortable.

We’re not just uber-geeks and tech nerds. We drink beer, swim naked, smash things and listen to Madonna. Not necessarily in this order :-)

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