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Below are our current vacancies – feel free to check out the specs. If the job cross-references with your skills and expectations, and you think it may be a good fit for you, simply write us to

List of open jobs

Do you like automation of common tasks ?

Familiar with Django and GoLang ?

Overview of the Java EE concepts and REST API?

Understand the Android app lifecycle ?

Do you care about good code, architecture, code reviews and want to thrive in team of 20+ iOS devs?

What do we like about us?

Always on the leading edge regarding technologies.

Source: Glassdoor

iOS Developer in Brno (Czech Republic)

Great deal of trust at any step (they trust you and try to help you to get better).

Source: Glassdoor

Backend Developer in Žilina (Slovakia)

The projects are very diverse and are from all business areas.

Source: Glassdoor

Business Analyst in Prague (Czech Republic)

Encouraging personal growth.

Source: Glassdoor

Android Developer in Košice (Slovakia)

Individual approach and open culture environment.

Source: Glassdoor

Project Manager in Bratislava

Are you curious
about what we’re like?

We’re a bunch of office-based (in seriously cosy premises) and tech heads from Slovak or Czech backgrounds. We worship an informal and open working culture based on trust, cooperation, raw intelligence, fact-rich debates, constant mutual learning, and ego control. As a company of millennials, we’re taking advantage of today’s possibilities and trying to let them enhance our individual and collective benefits.

Speaking of benefits

Besides fair treatment and a super people-oriented approach, we think highly of lifelong learning. In addition to focusing on your personal well-being – we do actively support educational activities. We encourage our team members to visit and/or take active part in various conferences, support online learning and organize internal meetups.

Cooperating and communicating across distant places, we believe our teams are and should be fully capable of organizing their work-life balance according to their own preferences and desires. We have a foosball table as one of our main feature and we do have the benefit of emphasizing freedom and comfort to make sure you’re happy here.

Want to know more about us?

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